Samantha's Hotline
by Sophie Gatacre 
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Sophie Gatacre gives a superb performance in Samantha's Hotline, a one woman comedy drama written by herself about a Chelsea lady whose husband has left her in the midst of the recession. She turns to telephone sex to earn an income taking her clients on wild journeys where they become a cowboy, a fireman, a naughty school boy and a filthy priest.

This set against her troubled life where she turns to the bottle and argues with her adulterous husband, lies to her son and compares notes with her competitive neighbour. The audience is held in rapt attention as Sophie performs her multi role characters while trying to make ends meet after her husband has left her for his secretary.

A priceless mixture of different emotions, laughter, sadness and suggestive telephone conversations. Her sexy voice and interactions with the audience create an unmissable theatrical experience. Sophie Gatacre has been touring her show at the Edinburgh, Brighton and Henley fringe, Adelaide festival, New York and various London venues for 6 years very successfully.

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